Recently a strong feeling of nostalgia overcame me. I thought about my childhood where no internet nor smartphone was present. Because I was a 90s kid born in 1984 we had to either call our friends via the land line or we directly went to their home not knowing if they were there.

It was a time without this superficial socializing where a piece of software asks you what you are doing just to throw it unasked into dozens of your „friends“ faces on facebook, but a human made of flesh and blood honestly interested in you. Not to make money out of that information but a meaningful and fun conversation. Friendship actually meant something. You didn’t work towards a common goal to earn the next paycheck like later in a job but you did the things just to have fun.

Everything was so much easier – at least it felt like that to me. When I found the song „You can call me Al“ by Paul Simon some days ago I instantly remembered so many things. Like my mom turning up the volume of our stereo when songs she liked were played on the radio.

Then I looked up an 80s playlist and listened to some songs enjoying a nice and cozy feeling and my thoughts about the past.

I’m honestly sorry if your childhood isn’t a nice and cozy place for you to remember because you – like every kid – deserve an innocent, loving and burden free childhood.

If you were a kid who’s parents were absolute shit than there is also a solution for you. You first have to search for the true meaning of love. Because when you never received true love, how should you possibly know what it is and how it feels like? To give you some hints: True love is forgiveness, acceptance and selflessness.
Love is not to force your will onto others even if it is in their best interest. To be able to let everyone be how they are without your intervention.

After discovering the true meaning of love you can start loving yourself before you direct this love onto your bad memories and finally onto other people. You yourself have to be the first playground to see how it feels because many people in the past – including me – mistook hate for love.

So.. As I was listening to some 80s and 90s songs a thought overcame me. „Was it truly a better time?“

And then I listened closer to the lyrics of the old songs. Music is an expression of the collective consciousness. And where can you find what rings with many people at a specific time period? In the chart hits!

Without digging deeper into analyzing the lyrics of the top 10 hits of each year I think I can say that the time period of my childhood was no different with what we have today. Even though it feels to me as if that time was better, in truth it wasn’t.

The same everyday problems bugged society as they do today. People were no better or worse. The only thing that changed is my perception of it.

And if my perception can make the past better than the present it is also capable of making the present a better place.

I just have to find out how.