How to defeat depression

How to defeat depression

Knowledge beats everything. So when you read this post and internalize the information, you will automatically defeat depression as a result in the process.

Fighting depression with medicine is useless, because the medication only fights the symptoms, but not the cause. It’s like drinking alcohol to fight problems. As soon as you get sober, the problems are there again (they actually never left). Here you will read the stuff that truly has the potential to change your mind; to get rid of the cause and to set you free. Depending on how deep you are trapped in your depression, I suggest you to read this post every now and then to fortify this information.

The ultimate goal is to make you the ruler of your mind. Depression has power because you are ruled by your mind. You are a slave of it hierarchically speaking. Given that this is an imagined hierarchy, built on false assumptions, the only thing I have to do is to give you information that empowers you to put yourself on the throne.

You have to know that all thoughts that arise inside your mind are not created by yourself. You don’t have to feel shame or guilt for any thought that comes up. You are not responsible. Your mind’s task is to hand you over the deepest fears and thoughts it can possibly imagine to wake you up. It wants you to take control so to speak, but you misinterpret these things as who you are – We falsely identify with the thoughts as being us.

These thoughts are like a ghost standing in front of us who scares us so much that we can’t look at it. But as soon as we start looking at it, we will see that this ghost is just a cute little creature that seeks attention and even wants to help us.

How do you face this ghost? First, you have to internalize that nothing bad can happen, regardless what your mind is telling you. You have to hold on to this information at all times even when depression kicks you hard. You might want to write it on a piece of paper and have it with you. This information will turn to knowledge later on.
The next thing you have to do is to actively listen to the thoughts that come up. To create conscious awareness about the things going on up there. Don’t value the thoughts that are arising as grim or disgusting as they might seem. It is a test of your mind to see how you manage them.

As soon as you pay attention to these thoughts they increase in intensity, because your mind recognizes that you are paying attention – it wants to scare you away. That’s its purpose! Don’t look away, face it!

Nothing bad can happen!

Your mind will make the things even worse for a brief moment. But the longer you pay attention to the thought the better it will get. Let yourself fall into it. Bathe in these grim thoughts and begin to wash yourself with them. By doing so, you show the creator of these thoughts that he has no power over you. The intensity of the thoughts will reach a peak and after that it will fade away slowly. It will burn its own energy.

You passed your first exam.

But – as in real life – the lessons and the following exams will get harder with each level. You don’t have to fear it – embrace it! To show that you are ready and prepared.

Because you managed to discover the fears in the first exam as unfounded, your mind will think of new ways to scare you pretty hard. It will make up stories that will seem so real to you that you will believe them, regardless how crazy they seem. I, for example, thought that I’d turn crazy and end up in an asylum. It seemed so real that I cried like a baby. But I didn’t run away or pressed it away. I faced the thought and accepted it. I was lying in my bed and dived into it: If I have to go into an asylum, then that’s what it should be. Who cares?

You want to know what the grand finale will be? It is one that will set you free and change your personality once and for all. You will become yourself. I won’t tell you what the last thought will be, but my guess is that it is always the same for everyone who is chosen to walk this path. Walk it..


You have a pretty valuable advantage over every other person who seems to live a “normal” life. You are way closer to discover your true self more than anyone else. In many – if not all – ways, you are more healthy than the “healthy” ones, because you can hear the thoughts that are enslaving you. You didn’t manage to shut that part out of yourself like many did, but this will serve you in return as the biggest gift life has to offer.

Start to unwrap!